Kaydon Corporation Strengthens SOX Compliance and Internal Audits Using MetricStream’s Solution and GRC Platform

Kaydon Corporation, a leading designer of custom engineering solutions, is successfully enhancing their SOX compliance and internal audit processes with the support of MetricStream. The MetricStream solution, which is built on a centralized GRC platform, is enabling Kaydon to streamline, automate, and improve visibility into their internal audits and controls management, assessments, monitoring, and reporting processes.

The MetricStream solution enables a systematic and closed-loop approach to the entire process of assessing and testing internal controls, documenting findings and gaps, and initiating and managing remediation activities in compliance with SOX regulations. The solution also integrates SOX compliance with internal audit processes, data, and entities in a centralized framework, facilitating increased collaboration, efficiency, and visibility.

All controls assessments and audit findings are consolidated in a common repository where they can be easily searched, retrieved, and provided as evidence to external auditors and stakeholders that a control was tested to the satisfaction of the internal audit team. Powerful dashboards and reports deliver real-time insights into SOX compliance, enabling Kaydon to proactively identify areas of concern, and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

For more information about MetricStream, visit www.metricstream.com.