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A Wide-band Hybrid Antenna for Use in Reverberation Chambers

1312 F3 coverThis article describes the design and performance of a wide-band hybrid antenna suitable for use in reverberation chambers. The antenna is characterized over the frequency range 100 MHz to 25 GHz showing that it performs well above 200 MHz although its ultimate highest operating frequency has not been established.


Induction: What it means to ESD

Associate Professor Neils Jonassen authored a bi-monthly static column that appeared in Compliance Engineering Magazine. The series explored charging, ionization, explosions, and other ESD related topics. The E... Read More...
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A Jungle Survival Story

Long before EMC was his interest and, I daresay, his passion, Dad flew airplanes for a living. It was during an era unto its own. Norm had a load of stories and loved to tell them, throwing in an occasional emb... Read More...
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More Speed, More Insight: Use of FFT-based EMI Test Receivers for EMI Compliance Measurements

1312 F1 coverFFT-based EMI test receivers can be used for EMI compliance measurements in accordance with Amendment 1 to 3rd Edition of CISPR 16-1-1 if this standard is referenced in the product standard. The use is motivated by reducing the scan time by several orders of magnitude and to get more insight due to the possibility of applying longer measurement times and enhanced measurement functions like spectrum in persistence mode. For precise and reproducible measurements the use of preselection filters is highly recommended.