FCC Issues Citation for Operation of Interference-Generating TV Antenna

A NY resident has been ordered by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stop using equipment found to cause harmful interference to licensed radio communications.

In a Citation and Order, the Commission has directed Clyde Holloway of Medina, NY to cease and desist his operation of a television antenna attached to his home. The action by the FCC was taken following reports in late 2021 from Verizon Wireless of signals originating from Holloway’s home interfering with local wireless operations in the 700 MHz band. Subsequent visits to the home by agents from the FCC’s New York Field Office in December verified that strong signals were emanating from Holloway’s residence.

Under the terms of the Citation and Order, Holloway has 30 days to confirm that he has taken the necessary corrective action to eliminate the harmful interference. Failure to provide written confirmation could subject him to further sanctions.

Read the FCC’s Citation and Order in this case.

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  1. Doug Golde

    The LO of the dish LNB may be leaking into the TV antenna. Hopefully the FCC gave this guy some idea how to fix it.


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