Company Announces 2.92mm RF End Launch Connectors

Photo Source: Cinch Connectivity Solutions

Photo Source: Cinch Connectivity Solutions

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company, has announced the expansion of its 2.92mm precision connector product line, offering new End Launch versions with the quality and performance needed to move into the millimeter wave spectrum through 40 GHz.

Precision 2.92mm connectors, also known as SMK connectors, are designed to meet the high performance needed for 5G wireless applications, up to 40GHz. The product expansion includes Cinch’s first ever 2.92mm End Launch solutions, available in both plug and jack formats, along with new 2-hole and 4-hole flange receptacles. With a low VSWR of 1.25 at 40 GHz, these connectors are ideal for test and instrumentation, semiconductor test boards, high speed digital and satellite/ wireless communication applications.

Source: Cinch Connectivity Solutions

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