TV Station Licensee Fined for Broadcasting Private Phone Call

The former licensee of a Salt Lake City television station has agreed to pay a $35,000 civil penalty to settle charges that it broadcast a telephone conversation with a consumer without providing the requisite notification and obtaining their consent.

According to an Order issued by the Commission in November 2014, station KTVX twice broadcast a news report in August 2012 that included a record telephone conversation with a consumer without prior notification to or the consent of that consumer. The FCC’s Telephone Broadcast Rule prohibits such actions to protect consumer privacy. In addition, Newport Television LLC, the former licensee of KTVX, reportedly violated FCC requirements to respond promptly and fully to request for information from the agency’s Enforcement Bureau.

In addition to the $35,000 monetary forfeiture, Newport Television also admitted wrongdoing in connection with its actions and in its failure to respond in a timely manner to Enforcement Bureau information requests.

Read the complete text of the Commission’s Order in connection with Newport Television.