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Slingshot Motorcycles Recalled Because Headlights Can Fail

Polaris Inslingshot motorcycle photodustries, Inc. is recalling 9,182 Slingshot motorcycles because an electrical defect can cause the headlights to stop working. An unexpected loss of headlights could reduce the driver’s visibility and pose a crash hazard.

The first complaint about the Slingshot’s headlights was received in July of 2015 and there have been several additional complaints since then. A recent investigation determined that in certain 2016 model year Slingshot motorcycles, the electrical relay used for the headlight circuit could cause the headlights to operate intermittently or even off while the vehicle is in operation.

A NHTSA document describes the issue in detail: “In conditions of high underhood heat, the amperage rating for the headlight circuit relay may become marginal. In addition, the temperature at the female terminal pin is higher than what is desired. These two issues can cause the relay to fail intermittently and/or cause the wiring at the relay to become damaged.”

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Polaris will notify owners, and dealers will replace the single headlight relay with a circuit that uses two headlight relays, free of charge.

Source: NHTSA | Image viaLotzman Katzman

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