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Rohde & Schwarz presents growing oscilloscope portfolio at embedded world 2015

R&S embedded world 2015Rohde & Schwarz is continuously enhancing its oscilloscope portfolio with new models, applications and accessories, and visitors to the company’s booth at embedded world 2015 in Nuremberg will have an opportunity to see this for themselves.

The high definition mode increases the vertical resolution of the R&S RTO and R&S RTE digital oscilloscopes to up to 16 bits ? a 256 fold improvement over the 8 bit resolution available in standard mode. To achieve this higher resolution, the signal is lowpass-filtered directly after the A/D converter. The digital filter reduces the noise, while increasing the signal-to-noise ratio. The higher resolution leads to sharper waveforms, showing signal details that would otherwise be masked by noise.

Rohde & Schwarz has added a new model with 200 MHz bandwidth to its R&S RTM bench oscilloscope family. The history and segmented memory option, which expands the maximum memory depth to an unprecedented 460 Msample per channel, is available for all bandwidth models. This deep, segmented memory is especially beneficial for seamless analysis of data sequences with long rest periods such as pulsed signals and serial I2C bus data packets. The digital voltmeter option is also new. It enables the R&S RTM to measure various values such as AC, DC, peak and crest factor with three digit accuracy regardless of the oscilloscope’s triggering. The scope now features a seven digit frequency counter as well.

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VSWR and its Effects on Power Amplifiers

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio results from an impedance mismatch between a source (an amplifier) and a load (test application). This mismatch can influence the performance of the source.

The multiple triggering and decoding as well as compliance test options from Rohde & Schwarz support a broad range of users in design verification, commissioning, debugging and compliance testing. The R&S RTE and R&S RTO oscilloscope series offer users in the automotive market triggering and decoding analysis solutions for the high speed CAN flexible data (CAN-FD) bus protocol. An option for the R&S RTO supports compliance tests of automotive BroadR-Reach Ethernet interfaces. For mobile communications and embedded designs, Rohde & Schwarz recently enhanced the capabilities of the R&S RTO by adding two new options for analyzing MIPI RFFE and USB 1.0/1.1/ 2.0 interfaces. Another innovation is the automated MIPI D-PHY compliance test option for developers of smartphone components and wireless devices with MIPI D PHY implementation.

Fanless operation, 1 Msample memory depth and a realtime sampling rate of 1 Gsample/s are the key features of the new entry level R&S HMO1002 mixed signal oscilloscope from Rohde & Schwarz. With a vertical sensitivity of 1 mV/div and integrated 128k point FFT, it performs far above standard scopes in this price segment. The R&S HMO1002 enables users to benefit from many practical features such as a pattern generator for embedded developers, an integrated digital voltmeter for service and maintenance technicians and special functions for the education sector.

Rohde & Schwarz will present its entire portfolio of oscilloscopes at embedded world 2015 in Nuremberg in hall 4, booth 4-218. Find details at


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