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Keysight Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Digital Multimeters

Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced two Truevolt Series digital multimeters (DMMs) – the Keysight 34465A DMM (6.5 digit) and the Keysight 34470A DMM (7.5 digit). The new DMMs help engineers 1) visualize their measurement data in multiple ways, 2) get actionable information faster, and 3) document their results more easily. True volt DMM’s advanced graphical capabilities, such as trend and histogram charts, help engineers achieve greater insights faster. Both models offer three acquisition modes: continuous running for typical measurements, data logging for easier trend analysis, and a digitizing for capturing transients.

The Keysight 34465A DMM offers engineers a new, higher-performance 6.5 digit class of DMM, and provides higher speed, better accuracy and more memory. The 7.5 digit 34470A DMM is a new product category of DMMs for Keysight and provides even greater resolution and accuracy, a requirement for today’s most challenging devices. Both DMMs offer deeper memory for data storage than previous generation DMMs. They also provide the ability to measure very low current, 1 μA range with pA resolution, for measurements on very low power devices.

“Our customers rely on Keysight DMMs and need to trust the answers they get,” said Ee Huei Sin vice president and general manager of Keysight’s General-Purpose Electronic Measurement Division. “With the new Truevolt 6.5 and 7.5 digit models, our customers can have the utmost confidence in their results. In addition, we have added a number of new capabilities, such as additional measurement and math functions, extended measurement ranges and advanced triggering.”

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Both models offer auto calibration, which compensates for temperature drift, allowing customers to maintain measurement accuracy throughout their workday. Most DMMs show results on a low-resolution numeric display. With the Keysight True volt Series, engineers get a 4.3-inch, high-resolution color display to view numerical readings, measurement trends, histograms and statistical data. They also can save and recall their measurement states and display preferences.

The DMMs Easy File Access feature provides simple USB connectivity between the Keysight True volt DMMs and a PC using standard USB media transfer protocol. In addition, the DMMs include dragand drop measurement data capability, adjust instrument settings, and the ability to send screen images to PC applications without additional software.

BenchVue software lets engineers control, capture and view Keysight’s DMMs simultaneously with other Keysight bench instruments and with no additional programming. With a single click, engineers can transfer data to a PC via USB, LAN or GPIB for additional viewing and analysis.

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