IEC Publishes IEC 62610-5:2016, Thermal Management for Cabinets

control cabinetThe International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published IEC 62610-5:2016, the standard for “Mechanical structures for electrical and electronic equipment – Thermal management for cabinets in accordance with IEC 60297 and IEC 60917 series – Part 5: Cooling performance evaluation for indoor cabinets.” The first edition is now available on the IEC’s website.


IEC 62610-5:2016 specifies a method for evaluating the cooling capacity mainly for air convection cooling of empty cabinets in accordance with IEC 60297 and IEC 60917 series. The purpose of this standard is to classify the cooling methods of empty indoor cabinets, to simplify the thermal hydraulic formulae for the evaluation and classification of cabinet cooling performances, and to exemplify the cooling performances for representative cabinet sizes based on IEC 60917 or IEC 60297. This enables the users to select the appropriate cabinet cooling solutions for their applications. Key words: Indoor cabinets, Thermal management, Cooling performance.

*Description from the IEC’s website.

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