Letter from the Editor: The 2019 Annual Reference Guide

Welcome to 2019, and the 10th anniversary edition of In Compliance Magazine’s Annual Reference Guide!

When we launched In Compliance Magazine back in the summer of 2009, the U.S. economy was just beginning to recover from a staggering economic recession that forced many of us to reconsider our own professional and personal goals and ambitions. Indeed, this magazine was born at a time when many people thought that “thinking big” was too risky a proposition, and that our idea for a new publication in the regulatory compliance field was doomed to fail.

Well, 10 years later, we’re still here! And we’re thriving! Nearly 120 issues after our founding, In Compliance has become the leading, independent source of up-to-date information on regulations and standards affecting today’s advanced technologies. From electrical and electronic equipment used in industrial, commercial and consumer applications, to advanced medical devices, automotive technologies and aerospace systems, we consistently provide our 20,000-plus readers with information they can use to navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape, both here and around the world.

For evidence, just look at the content of this year’s Annual Guide. Between the covers, you’ll find over 200 pages targeted to meet the information needs of both experienced compliance engineers and those who are new to the field. Our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide serves as a year-round reference point for products, services and solutions essential to the design and manufacture of technologies that meet global regulations and standards.

In the final analysis, however, our accomplishments over the past decade would not have been possible without the help of our advertisers, who pay the bills, and our loyal readers, who keep us honest by letting us know when we’re doing a good job and where we need to improve. To all of our partners in this adventure, we say a hearty thank you!

We’re looking forward to the next 10 years!


Lorie Nichols, Editor

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