7Layers enhances its 4G/LTE device testing capabilities with Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde7Layers, an international group of engineering & test centers for wireless testing and certification, has upgraded its R&S TS8980FTA, R&S CMW-PQA wireless test platforms to increase test capabilities including LTE location based services (LBS) performance; VoLTE E-911 protocol; eMBMS RF performance, video performance and protocol; LTE carrier aggregation RF performance, data throughput performance and protocol; IMS / VoLTE protocol; Rich Communications Services (RCS) protocol; ePDG / WiFi calling over IMS, and WiFi offloading.

Mobile phones and devices have become increasingly complex as a new wave of LTE and LTE-Advanced feature-rich devices hit the market. New technologies are expanding the boundaries of legacy devices. Carrier aggregation, for example, enables up to 100MHz of total channel bandwidth enabling high bitrate applications. And the IMS implementation of Rich Communication Services (RCS) enables new features such as enriched multimedia messaging, presence and enhanced video and voice calling. But as devices and services become more complex, the number and complexity of the required tests also increases.

“Keeping pace with the continuous development of wireless technologies is an essential part of our expertise,” says Fernando Rodriguez, COOof 7Layers Inc. “In order to provide our customers with time-to-market advantages, our engineers work closely with network operators and organizations such as PTCRB, GCF and 3GPP. This means we are always prepared and able to offer the most advanced test and certification services to our customers. Working with our partner Rohde & Schwarz helps us keep our laboratories in line with technological progress and certification requirements.”

For more information, visit http://www.rohde-schwarz.us and www.7Layers.com.