64-Bit Click Rate Analyzer According to CISPR 14 & CISPR 16-2-1

Click rateThe TDEMI Click Rate Analyzer,  a fully integrated click rate analyzer that is compliant according to CISPR14, measuring at all four frequencies simultaneously, was released for the ultra-fast TDEMI Receiver Series of GAUSS INSTRUMENTS. Hereby the overall test time could be reduced by several factors, in comparison to a traditional EMI receiver that measures each frequency point sequentially.

The 64-bit version of the click rate analyzer TDEMIClick has many advantages that will simplify your daily testing. Peak detector, as well as Quasi-peak detector are displayed in real-time at all four frequencies during the measurement. With the full support of 64-bit operating systems, much more memory c an be addressed now, so the full usage of powerful computers and large RAM size makes it possible to record very long test cycles. Thus, it is possible to measure fully automated devices with very long operation cycles and to evaluate and create test reports. Test cycle times up to eight hours are possible. ALl the acquired data is recorded and evaluated to the limit line. Therefore, there is no loss of data or information, even in very long-term test cycles. All single ddisturbancesare recorded and evaluated and can be selected, archived, or plotted afterwards. Each single disturbance can be selected in a list and the IF signal as well as the result of the Quasi-peak detector evaluation can be displayed. Through the full integration into the TDEMI receiver, not only is testing time saved, but also further effort and costs, e.g., for regular calibration of equipment, because there is just a single instrument which has to be calibrated. For more information, visit the GAUSS website.