Banana Skins

Banana Skins – May 2021 (#330-332)

Chris van Rossman of Corvallis Oregon turned on his do-everything combo TV and got a big surprise—the police, the Civil Air Patrol, and the County Search and Rescue Officers knocked on his door.

Banana Skins – February 2021 (#316-321)

A number of people who had been enjoying weightless activities in the non-spinning central hub of Virgin Space Ltd’s newest hotel “Arthur C Clarke III” found themselves trapped on the ‘ceiling’ for 15 minutes...

Banana Skins – January 2021 (#307-315)

Typically, regular voltage quality spot checks are made throughout a local distribution system with additional measurements taken when a customer asks; is there a voltage problem?

Banana Skins – December 2020 (#302-306)

302.  Early colour TV interference from early police radio handset, warns criminals About the time of the introduction of ‘Panda’ cars in the UK came a new Police hi-tech system known as the Personal Radio... Read More...

Banana Skins – October 2020 (#291-294)

Numbers 291 - 294 are taken from the Appendix to MIL-STD-464A dated 18 March 1997. (MIL-STD-464A is entitled “Department of Defense — Interface Standard —Electromagnetic Environmental Effects — Requirements for... Read More...

Banana Skins – June 2020 (#278-285)

The Banana Skin columns were compiled by Keith Armstrong, of Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd, from items he found in various publications, and anecdotes and links sent in by the many fans of the column.