The Capacitive Discharge Test

This article will define the test requirements, and discuss the methods used to obtain results. Limitations of the equipment used will also be discussed, so that lab personnel can be made aware and do their best to minimize tolerance errors.

GR-1089 Fault Testing Changes for Issue 6

GR-1089-CORE has always required the Cross Voltage Test in its Section 4. This test simulates communication wires contacting power wires. Previously, the Cross Voltage Test has been conducted at 600V, but the new Issue 6 has decreased this voltage to 425V. The 425V test uses the same current levels as were required for the 600V test, so this is a decrease in the amount of power that is required to be produced by testers designed to perform the Issue 6 Cross Voltage Test. In this article, we will address the two new tables describing the tests, discuss changes and note the tests that have not changed, and offer some general guidelines for parties who would like to modify existing Cross Voltage Testers to perform the Issue 6 Test Suite at 425V.