XHB Series Basic Millivolt Pressure Sensors

All SensorsAll Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a new line of millivolt pressure sensors ranging from 1 to 70 PSI. The XHB Series Pressure Sensors provide an uncalibrated and uncompensated, analog millivolt output signal. The XHB Series is intended for dry air and non-corrosive gas applications including industrial and pneumatic controls, measurement instrumentation, and medical devices. This series offers a wide selection of standard pressure ranges including 1, 5, 15, 30, and 70 PSI. Available in a miniature DIP housing allows for space-saving PCB-mounting and maximum OEM design flexibility.

  • Package Features:  Miniature DIP packages, PC board mountable package, Maximum OEM design flexibility
  • Electrical Features: 1 to 70 PSI, High impedance for low power applications, RoHS Compliant
  • Ideal applications for this device are: Industrial and Pneumatic Controls, Measurement Instrumentation ,and Medical Devices

For more information, visit the company website.

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