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X-REL Semiconductor Introduces XTR50010 Bidirectional Level Translators and XTR54170 High-Temperature Edge-Triggered D Flip-Flops

Bidirectional Level Translators | In Compliance Magazine

X-REL Semiconductor unveiled two new products targeting digital applications in highly demanding markets including aerospace, industrial, hybrid and electric vehicles, transportation, geothermal and oil and gas.

The XTR50010 product family targets bidirectional data communication between multiple supply voltages with data rates up to 30Mbps and operating temperature over +230°C. This product family is broken down in two lines based on whether data signal directions are selected individually or by group. Supply voltages on both level shifter component sides can range from 2.5V to 5.5V. Transmission direction control pins can be controlled from either power supply domain.

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For devices with individual transmission direction selection, each data port input/output terminal direction is automatically set based upon which signal side is externally controlled. This brings a significant flexibility removing the need to set direction by design. Instead the component decides by itself. Channel transmission direction changes on the fly. An output enable control pin controlled from either side allows the device to be set in high-impedance mode or as driver. The products from this line are XTR50011 and XTR50012.

For devices where the data transmission direction is set for all signals at once, a dedicated control pin selects which side are inputs, with the other side becoming outputs. This direction control pin can be driven from either side. The products from this line are XTR50014 and XTR50015.

The second new product family introduced is the XTR54170 for Positive-Edge D flip-flop products. Inside this family are two product references which are equivalent to standard products. The first, XTR54175, is a quad D flip-flop with clear.  The second, XTR541G74, is a single Positive-Edge D flip-flop with set and reset.

These two new families broaden X-REL’s portfolio of innovative products unleashing new design capabilities for interface and control of digital and mixed-signal high-temperature, high-reliability and extended lifetime applications.

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