Wurth Electronics SMD EMI Contact Fingers Eliminate EMI

Wurth Electronics has announced the expansion of its shielding materials with EMI contact fingers. Fifteen different versions are currently available ranging from heights of 1.5 mm to 13.0 mm.  The contact spring material from the WE-SECF series is made of copper-beryllium and, in contrast to competitor products, gold-plated. Due to the construction, the contact spring materials cannot corrode and are also very low resistance.

With their wide, gold-plated surface, they discharge high-frequency interferences to contacted housings or mass layers of adjacent PCBs at lowest impedances. Embedded systems of all kinds can  be installed touching each other or conductive housings cost-efficiently in smallest spaces. This saves assembly effort and costs in production. High temperatures have no influence on the excellent connection properties on the EMI contact fingers.

The EMI contact springs can be assembled automatically on PCBs. They are delivered in blister belts. All catalog products are available from stock.

For free samples, visit www.we-online.com