Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc. Releases LTspice Transformer Library

Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc. has announced the release of the LTspice Transformer Library. The library provides LTspice models for products including the flyback transformer product group, PoE and PoE+ products, offline power solutions, isolated DC-DC converters and power supply solutions for lighting and metering applications.

The Basic Library is similar to other LTspice transformer models present in the industry. It can also be imported into and converted for use in other SPICE programs. The Standard Library includes all of the parameters of the Basic Library models, and additionally model parasitics and saturation effects, making them accurate, while at the same time quickly simulating.

The symbols in both libraries show the windings, pinout and phase dot for easy reference. One highlighted feature of the Standard Library is the user’s ability to choose one of two models (either Linear or Saturation) for any product. The Linear model includes parasitics and runs 25% faster than the Saturation model, which runs slightly slower, but has the advantage of modeling saturation effects as well as parasitics.

Customers can access the LTspice Library online at www.we-online.com/toolbox

For information on custom models, or for any questions, contact Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc: spice@we-online.com.