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University of Michigan Researchers Demonstrate New Method to Create Light Beams More Efficiently than Traditional Methods

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a more efficient way to produce coherent laser-like beams that use 250 times less power than conventional lasers. The team believes they have created the first polariton laser to run on electrical current and work at room temperature.

Team of Engineers Participate in Walk Again Project at FIFA World Cup

At the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup next week, a young adult will walk a few steps and kick a soccer ball thanks to the Walk Again Project. The project’s purpose is to create thought-controlled robotic exoskeleton to aid individuals with disabilities.

Researchers Develop Technology to Transmit and Store Electricity in Cables

A team of researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a way to transmit and store electricity in electrical cables. Previously, only electrical cables have been able to transmit electricity and not store it.

Hackers Find Security Hole in Electronic Freeway Billboards

Earlier this week, the Homeland Security Department notified transportation operators that there was a potential security gap in electronic freeway billboards that could allow hackers to post phony warnings to drivers.

Things You May Not Have Heard About Shielding
Written by Al Martin   
June 01, 2014

1406 F1 coverWhat determines how effective a cable shield is going to be? And how does the decision to ground or not ground a shield impact its effectiveness? Fortunately there is a well-developed theory of shielding, which will be discussed as a way to get a general understanding of what can be expected of shield performance. But there’s more to it. The manner in which the shield is terminated can significantly affect its effectiveness, as we shall see.

EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Written by Stephan Schmitt   
June 01, 2014

1406 F2 coverCan thousands of regulations be harmonized?

Last summer, the European Union (EU) and the US took the first steps to establish a partnership between the two markets that together account for almost half the world’s economy. Teams of negotiators met in Washington to talk about how best to take the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) forward, and even though the second round of negotiations was canceled due to pressing political issues, both sides expressed a firm commitment to the TTIP process.

Differential Mode to Common Mode Conversion on Differential Signal Vias Due to Asymmetric GND Via Configurations
Written by Alma Jaze, Bruce Archambeault, Sam Connor   
June 01, 2014

1406 F3 coverThis article investigates the impact of ground vias placed in close proximity to high speed differential signal vias and the resulting differential mode to common mode conversion. The work shows the influence of the distance between ground (GND) vias and differential signal (Diff. SIG.); the effect of the asymmetrical configuration of the GND vias; the impact of the dielectric thickness and the number of transitions between the planes.

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FCC News

FCC proposes rules for new Citizens Broadband Radio Service

The FCC has released proposed rules for a new Citizens Broadband Radio Service that it says would promote a diverse array of network technologies and allow of new methods of spectrum sharing.

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FCC seizes pirate radio station equipment

The Enforcement Bureau of the FCC has recently stepped up its activities against operators of illegal radio stations.

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Dyson recalls portable electric heaters

Dyson Inc. of Chicago, IL has announced the recall of nearly 340,000 Dyson-brand portable electric heaters manufactured in Malaysia.

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Infant video monitors recalled due to battery issues

Summer Infant of Woonsockett, RI is recalling about 800,000 rechargeable batteries manufactured in China and used in the company’s infant handheld color video monitors.

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EU News

Measurement methods for computer eco-design requirements

The EU Commission has issued a Communication detailing transitional measurement methods to be used to demonstrate compliance with its eco-design requirements for computers and computer servers.

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EU Commission updates standards list for PPE Directive

The EU Commission has an updated list of standards that can be used to demonstrate conformity with the essential requirements of its Directive 89/686/EEC.

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