Wireless Power Consortium Expands Standard

android charging photo

The WPC announced the addition of the 15W and “multi-device charging” options to the Qi standard. Draft versions of the specs were released to its members.

Würth Elektronik eiSos, as Full Member of the WPC, welcomes and supports these activities. All WPCC transmitter coils from Würth Elektronik already meet the new medium-power requirements of the specs. Würth Elektronik thus offers its customers solutions with a guaranteed future. The efficiency that can be achieved with WE Wireless Power Coils is over 88%. With a temperature range of -20°C to +105°C, Würth Elektronik also offers a solution for a broad spectrum of applications. All WPCC coils from Würth Elektronik have very low RDC and due to the high quality, they are ideally suited for use in professional applications.

The comprehensive coil program of 14 transmitter and 12 receiver coils supports customers in selecting the right coil for their device. Würth Elektronik also offers expertise in creating customized coil solutions.

Würth Elektronik is committed to the WPC’s wireless power technology and actively contributes its expertise to the work of standardization. As usual with Würth Elektronik, all wireless power coils are available directly from warehouse. More information at www.we-online.com.

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