White Paper on 5G RF Receiver Performance Released

The widespread adoption of the 5G spectrum for advanced wireless communications ultimately depends on the quality and the performance of the equipment required to support it. Toward that end, industry trade organization 5G Americas has just published its assessment of the factors essential to ensuring radio frequency receiver performance.

Issued in early February, the white paper, titled “Radio Frequency Receiver Performance,” provides a comprehensive review of current receiver standards and other applicable studies and analyses on key receiver performance requirements. The paper also offers a deep dive into the specific technical aspects of RF receivers that must be addressed to fully support 5G wireless communications while also making the most efficient use of the available spectrum.

The paper concludes with a series of recommendations for regulators on how to formulate regulatory policy that upholds minimum performance standards without constraining industry innovation and independence.

Read the complete text of the 5G Americas’ white paper “Radio Frequency Receiver Performance.”

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