Walmart Accused of Dumping Hazardous Waste

The Office of the California Attorney General has filed suit against retail giant Walmart for allegedly dumping more than one million batteries, electronic waste, and other products with hazardous environmental effects into California landfills each year.

According to a report posted to the website of CBS News, the suit was filed in December by the Attorney General’s Office in conjunction with district attorneys in 12 California counties and the California Department of Toxic Substances. It alleges that Walmart illegally disposes of nearly 80 tons of hazardous waste each year, an estimate reportedly based on 58 separate inspections conducted by the state of trash compactors at Walmart stores throughout California between 2015 and 2021.

A spokesperson for the company contends that the lawsuit represents an effort by the Attorney General’s office to force the retailer into a new settlement in connection with a 2010 investigation involving similar charges.

Read the CBS report on the lawsuit against Walmart.

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