VPX User-Definable Power and Ground Development System for Open VPX Military Applications

vpx power groundVerotec is supplying configured TecSYS 3U VPX development chassis to a major US-based defense contractor for use in its new product developments. The half-width 3U KM6-RF subrack is the centerpiece of a 6U TecSYS thermally managed, powered, cooled and EMC screened desktop system. The core of the systems is a 6-Slot 10 layer VPX Power and Ground backplane fitted with the high performance, high density Tyco MultiGig connectors on a 5HP (one inch) pitch, which interface with daughter cards at the front of the unit and rear transition modules on the opposite face of the backplane. The Power and Ground backplane is completely user-definable, saving considerable costs because an expensive dedicated backplane does not have to be purchased when testing and integrating any available VPX board configuration into a new system; the uncommitted backplane provides the power and the chassis provides the EMC housing and cooling. Cards communicate using one of the VPX serial connection topographies implemented via wafer to wafer cable assemblies plugged into the rear connectors. The system is fully compliant with VITA 46 and IEEE 1101.10/11.

The 3U TecSYS VPX is housed in a 10.5 inch half width 6U, 322mm deep Diplomat enclosure, which consists of a 2U plenum chamber at the bottom, a 3U KM6-RF subrack in the middle and a 1U air exhaust chamber at the top. I/O is easily accessed through a removable rear panel; the top cover is also readily removable for improved access. Pluggable PSUs with two independent converters operating in parallel provide a maximum of 30A at 5V and 40A at 3.3V simultaneously.

Based on Verotec standard products, the TecSYS system is modular and scalable, enabling it to be easily configured for other bus structures such as VMEbus, VME64x and cPCI. Delivery times for all variants are short, reducing time to market.

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