Verotec Custom cPCI Backplane Capability Takes Off

Verotec recently completed delivery of a custom 6U, 2 x 4 Slot CompactPCI backplane for a flight simulation application. In addition to integrating two independent 4 Slot systems on a single backplane, a number of additional I/O headers and other interfaces were incorporated using a mixture of surface mount and pressfit components. A combination of IEC 297 form factor, enabling standard 19” subracks and enclosures to be used, the 110 pin connectors, good bandwidth and the many different functions available on plug-in boards from multiple vendors make CompactPCI a robust bus architecture.

 Verotec offers a wide range of standard PICMG2.0 Rev 3 compliant CompactPCI backplanes in 3U, 6U and 9U heights, 2 to 16 Slots wide. Available in many different configurations – 32/64-bit, 33/66MHz, left or right system Slot and 5V/3.3V voltages, the core range is suitable for many different applications. CompactPCI is electrically compatible with the PC-based PCI interface, enabling easy functional migration in both directions. In addition to the core PICMG 2.0 products, Verotec also manufactures standard backplanes conforming to the 2.16 Packet Switching, the CT/H.110 Computer Telephony, the 2.3 Plus I/O and the Serial CompactPCI specifications. Other bus structures such as VPX, VXS, VME64 and VXI architectures are also supported with backplanes and development systems.

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