Upgraded Pulse Generator from Teseq Offers Improved Accuracy

Teseq is now offering a pulse generator with improved accuracy for use in automotive EMC test systems. The FT 5531, an upgraded version of the FT 5530, supports classic and modern testing. The FT 5531 features a 150ns pulse width that works better during “unloaded” measurements as well as an improved tolerance of 100ns pulses resulting in superior accuracy and conformity to the standard.

The FT 5531 helps simulate real world disturbances that occur in the electrical systems of cars, buses and trucks as well as helps facilitate weak spot analysis and quality assurance during development. The unit is fully compliant with ISO 7637-2 and OEM (vehicle manufacturer) standards. It is a turnkey solution for required transient immunity testing.

For more information, visit www.teseq.com or contact MaryJane Salvador at 732-417-0501 or maryjane.salvador@teseq.com.