Ultra-miniature 0.9 mm SuperMini Connectors

southwest microwaveSouthwest Microwave, Inc. has announced the introduction of a series of ultra-miniature 0.9 mm SuperMini DC to 67 GHz connectors.

Connectors in the 0.9 mm SuperMini product line provide the superior performance of Southwest Microwave’s standard-size, high frequency connectors in a miniaturized footprint that is ideal for reduced-size PCB and panel applications. Offering ultra-broad bandwidth and coupling nut mating, this new series includes field-replaceable two and four-hole flange mount and thread-in connectors, solder-on end launch and 4-post vertical launch connectors and direct solder cable connectors. Complete cable assemblies are also available to simplify high-performance interface to 0.9 mm SuperMini connectors.

Along with precision-grade 0.9 mm in-series adapters, the SuperMini line includes several between-series adapters enabling interface to 1.85 mm (V) DC to 67 GHz connectors.

Built in the USA to Southwest Microwave’s rigorous performance and quality standards, 0.9 mm SuperMini connectors are rugged and durable, featuring a 360° raised grounding ring and a temperature range of -55°C to 165°C. These connectors provide mode-free operation through 67 GHz, offering well-matched impedance, excellent repeatability, and the industry’s lowest VSWR (1.2:1), insertion loss (0.7 dB) and RF leakage (≤ -100 dB).

For more information, visit www.southwestmicrowave.com.