UL Releases Standard for Personal E-Mobility Devices

personal-electric-vehicle-electric-scooters-for-adults-triad-750-mobility-scooter-storeUL has released UL 2272 Ed. 1, the first edition of the standard for Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices, UL 2272, has been issued and can now be purchased on the UL website

Description: “These requirements cover the electrical drive train system including the battery system, other circuitry and electrical components for electric powered scooters and other devices to be referred to as personal e-mobility devices as defined in this standard.

1.2 This standard is intended for evaluation of the safety of the electrical drive train system and battery and charger combination for energy and electrical shock hazards and does not evaluate the performance or reliability of these devices. In addition, it does not evaluate the physical hazards that may be associated with the use of personal e-mobility devices.”

*Description from the UL Website.


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