UL Publishes New Edition of UL 1449

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UL has released a new edition of UL 1449 Standard for surge protective devices. UL 1449 applies to “Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) designed for repeated limiting of transient voltage surges as specified in the standard on 50 or 60 Hz power circuits not exceeding 1000 V.” The new edition is available for purchase on the UL website.


“The Fourth Edition of the Standard for Safety for Surge Protective Devices, UL 1449, has been issued to reflect the latest ANSI approval date and to incorporate the proposals dated January 24, 2014 and May 30, 2014, which include the following:

• Dielectric Voltage Test for varistors.

• Component evaluations.

• Clarification of requirements in 19.4.

• Clarification of requirements for Direct Plug-in SPDs.

• Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test – the use of lead shot.

• Non-metallic enclosure and conduit connections.

• Addition of requirements for USB circuitry and rechargeable batteries.

• Addition of GDT Breakover VoltageTest.

• Revision to Table 18.1 – Minimum Spacings.

• Revisions to Figure 36.1 – Test Program Flow Charts.

• Revision to the Impact Test.

• Type 3 SPDs with IEC 320 receptacles.”

*Description from UL Website

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