UL 13 Standard for Power-Limited Circuit Cables

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UL has announced the release of UL 13, which applies to “power-limited circuit cables.” The first edition can be purchased on UL’s website.


These requirements cover 60 – 250°C (140 – 482°F) single- and multiple-conductor power-limited circuit cables for use as fixed wiring within buildings (some are also marked for direct burial) principally for Class 3 and Class 2 circuits as described in Article 725 and other applicable parts of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Cables covered by these requirements are:

a) Types CL3P and CL2P (),

b) Types CL3R and CL2R (riser cables),

c) Types CL3 and CL2 (commercial cables for other than plenum, riser, or tray uses),

d) Types CL3X and CL2X (cables for limited use), and

e) Type PLTC (cable for non-plenum and non-riser Class 3 and Class 2 circuits in general and in trays).

*Description from the UL website.

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