U.S. Military Launching Programs to Develop Advanced Radio Technologies

The U.S. Army has signaled its intent to actively investigate and develop advance radio communications-access technologies to preserve and protect uses of the electromagnetic spectrum.

According to an article posted on the website Military & Aerospace, officials at the Army Contracting Command have issued a request for prototype proposals and white papers under the authority of the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC). The Army’s objectives in making this request reportedly include:

  • Mitigating risks to advanced wireless services operating in three specific ration communications bands;
  • Enabling military forces to relocate to new spectrum bands;
  • The ability to operate in compressed spectrum bands without creating unnecessary interference to other users;
  • The ability to dynamically share spectrum with other users without electromagnetic interference; and
  • Maintaining the ability to operate under adverse electronic warfare (EW) attempts to deny access to spectrum.

Read additional information about the Army’s request for prototype proposals.

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