U.S. Army To Upgrade Apache Helicopter Sensor Systems



Lockheed Martin has just closed the deal on a major contract. The defense and technologies company has signed a deal with the United States Army to upgrade and enhance the sensor systems on the Apache helicopter.

The $49.3 million dollar contract means that Lockheed Martin will be responsible for dramatically overhauling the sensors and monitors that the army currently relies on. The Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor is standard on all AH 640E Apache helicopters, and allows pilots a unique advantage when flying into potentially hazardous situations.

And the new upgrades promise to be a remarkable addition to the army’s array of sensor systems: Lockheed Martin says the upgraded packages will provide enhanced night vision awareness, precision targeting, and comprehensive situational awareness for pilots. Users will be able to navigate urban areas with greater confidence and skill, thanks to eye-safe lasing capabilities. There’s even a laser-pointer marker to allow for better coordination with ground troops in a variety of terrains.

Another impressive feature of the upgrades is the enhanced visibility. Pilots will have the luxury of high definition visuals that are near-infrared with color imagery. All this technology will allow them to be more aware of their surroundings and able to make the best decisions regarding the situation at hand.

Lockheed Martin also promises added reliability with these upgrades, which could prove a smart financial move. The Army is hoping that these upgrades will cut down on maintenance costs for the Apache helicopters without compromising the safety or efficiency of their pilots.

The contract guarantees 42 of these enhanced sensor systems, to be installed over the next two years. The helicopters will be sent to Lockheed Martin’s facilities in Orlando and Ocala, Florida to be fitted with the new devices. The upgraded systems should be completely integrated by March of 2019.

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