Two Invitations for Participation Released by Telcordia – GR-409 and GR-3176

Telcordia has released two invitations for participation for the process of updating and publishing GR-409, Issue 3 (Generic Requirements for Indoor Fiber Optic Cables) and GR-3179, Issue 1 (Generic Requirements for Sodium-Nickel Batteries in Stationary Telecommunications Applications).  

GR-409, Generic Requirements for Indoor Fiber Optic Cables, provides detailed technical requirements and characteristics of both single-mode and multimode fiber, buffered fibers, optical fiber ribbons, and optical fiber cables for indoor use. This GR includes proposed functional design criteria, generic mechanical and optical performance requirements, and desired features, and will specify test methods for comparing the fiber, ribbon, or cable product against the stated generic requirements.

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Telcordia has proposed that a new Generic Requirements (GR) document, GR-3176, be developed to address industry concerns over a lack of requirements focused on the safe and reliable use of sodium nickel batteries in telecommunications applications.

The anticipated topics to be addressed in GR-3176 include: safety, performance, electrical characteristics, environmental withstand, physical design, quality and reliability, documentation and training, service life and service life prediction and controller interface and features.

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