Troubleshooting Microelectronics with Active Thermography

InfraTecThermal analysis software supports analysis of semiconductor devices in which only a few micro-Kelvin separate defective and intact structures. IRBIS 3 active software by InfraTec uses active thermography to pinpoint the cause of abnormalities in microelectronics.

Those looking to investigate the question of where exactly defective parts and components are, need a particularly sensitive methodology.

Michael Schmidt, InfraTec

The software can determine the location of defects, handle measurements of different lengths of time, and efficiently select and secure research design. For example, to find the cause of failures in integrated circuits, the components are actively stimulated electronically and then algorithms analyze the results. The software allows for the superimposition of different views at the pixel level, which helps to determine the exact location of defects. IRBIS 3 active also ensures secure processing and storage for large amounts of data and the pace of measurement is flexible. For more information, visit InfraTec’s website.

Source: InfraTec

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