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New FDA Guidance Targets Quality of Refurbished Medical Equipment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a Final Guidance to clarify...

EMC Bench Notes: Interpreting Emissions Using a Near-Field Probe

Most engineers are familiar with near-field probes and that they are sensitive to E- or H-fields emanating from circuit boards, cables or enclosure seams. They are really the first order of business when evaluating a circuit board or system.

Inductors and Ferrites for Use in EMC

Magnetic materials used in inductors and filters have specific functions and purposes. However, knowing which to choose can be confusing.

The Impact of Tin Whisker Formation on Vehicle Electronics

Tin whiskers are small, hair-like structures that can form naturally from the surface of tin components. This article explores potential contributors to tin whisker growth, failure mechanisms that may be induced by whiskers, current testing standards and processes, and mitigation strategies, with a particular focus on the automotive industry.

Banana Skins – May 2022 (#378-382)

Navigation and control instruments can be caused to malfunction. During the approach of an Alitalia aircraft at Turin airport on 31 December, 1995, one of the 160 passengers onboard switched on his mobile phone, thus blocking the plane’s autopilot system.
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RF Power Amplifiers for Conducted RF Immunity Testing

If you’re performing commercial conducted radiated immunity tests strictly by the book, you will want to utilize a radio-frequency (RF) signal generator and power amplifier combination that fully complies with IEC 61000-4-6.

Non-IP Networking: Why the Industry Needs a Framework

The last thirty years have seen great strides in the deployment of communication network infrastructure. With an increasing emphasis on power-efficient communication for a growing variety of applications, there is a rising awareness that an alternative to IP might need investigation.

Fast Evaluation of a Filter or Shield Against an Electromagnetic Pulse

Single electromagnetic pulses like lightning, ESD, powerline transients, NEMP, etc., are generally described in time domain, while filters and shields are practically always characterized in frequency domain. This article describes a quick and handy formula and nomogram providing a fair estimate of the filter or shield response to a conducted or radiated threat.

My Product Line Went to Hazard Based 62368‐1 and All I Got Was This Lousy CB Report

This article offers an alternative to the CB route of compliance to meet the new European safety standard EN 62368-1, Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Safety requirements, for equipment having an existing IEC 60950-1 CB certification.

Commercial Wireless Compliance Webinar Series

Time to market is essential for survival. The intense pressure of globalization, especially in...
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