Learn from best practices within the industry, pre-testing considerations, troubleshooting tips, lessons-learned, and problem solving recommendations.

Radio and EMC Testing Considerations

Understanding radio compliance and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues to help ensure that products meet regulatory testing requirements and customer expectations.

EMC Testing… The EU Experience

Changes to the FCC compliance rules in the U.S. now enable manufacturers to save time and cost by allowing self-testing. This article outlines some of the basic factors that determine RF and EMC behavior and how these determine compliance test methods.

HBM Pin Combinations

Should I use the pin combinations in Table 2A or Table 2B per Human Body Model (HBM) standard JS-001?

Lossy Material Quiets Leaky Air Vents

This article presents the results of experiments to measure the effectiveness of lossy material in reducing RF emissions from perforated air vents such as those commonly used on computer enclosures. The results show good performance compared to those with conventional metal vents.

Let’s Talk About Real-time Spectrum Analyzers

Many real-time spectrum analyzer solution providers provide in-one-instrument add-ons which allow users to perform both the traditional swept-mode measurements in addition to real-time measurements.