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Shielding Effectiveness

Evaluate Shielding Effectiveness With Your VNA

The effectiveness of different materials for shielding can be tested using near field probes and your vector network analyzer (VNA).

Conductive Foam Gaskets have X, Y & Z Axis Conductivity for Maximum EMI Shielding Effectiveness

Available as standard gaskets, custom designs or sheet stock, durable 2700 Series Conductive Foam...

A Theory of Shielding Electromagnetic Waves: Revisiting Shielding Effectiveness Equations

In this article, we analyze the shielding effectiveness equations (SE = R + A...

Phase Stability, Loss Stability, and Shielding Effectiveness

This article addresses phase stability, loss stability, and shielding effectiveness in cable assemblies exceeding...

New Test Methods to Determine the Shielding Effectiveness of Small Enclosures Defined in IEEE P299.1

Today’s end-use electronic equipment has a number of characteristics that require protection from the electromagnetic environment. These characteristics include the growing use of digital electronics (still with a layer of analog electronics); multiple inputs and outputs for power, data, controls and indicators; ventilation for air flow and thermal management; and small openings for accessories. Few pieces of equipment use only one microprocessor. Multiple digital packages (i.e., integrated circuits) are used for small and large amounts of memory, signal processing, and input/output control just to name a few. The days of having just one power cord and a few knobs for control have long since past.

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