White Papers

Accelerated Aging with Mixed Flowing Gases

How do you know how your product will perform in the future? With accelerated aging, you can learn how mixing different types of gases in a chamber can simulate the effects of atmospheric pollutants. In fact, you identify how your product is likely to perform many years into the future—and you can do it over the course of several days using the Mixed Flowing Gas Corrosion test.

Comparison of Time Domain Scans and Stepped Frequency Scans in EMI Test Receivers

This paper looks at a CISPR 16-1-1-compliant test instrument with time domain scanning capabilities. The paper compares the measurement speed and level measurement accuracy of a conventional stepped frequency scan versus an advanced FFT-based time domain scan. It also contains guidance on making optimum use of time domain scans.

Fundamentals of Electrical Safety Testing

This white paper discusses electrical safety testing of electrical and electronic equipment. The white paper discusses functions and features of hipot testers, details on product safety certification, production electrical safety testing including Dielectric Withstand, Insulation Resistance, and Ground Continuity tests.