White Papers

Protecting Sensitive Electronics Power Circuits from EMI

This whitepaper reviews the current trends that are increasing the threat from EMI, examines the various EMI sources, their prevalence, and the ways they can affect system function and performance, and explains how innovations in power line filter technology can provide effective EMI protection in form factors that meet the space constraints of modern systems.

VSWR Explained

VSWR stands for ‘Voltage Standing Wave Ratio’ and is used in EMC to specify the effect of a mismatch presented to a test system signal. Get a brief history and understanding of VSWR.

How to Work Safely With High-Voltage Test and Measurement Equipment

When working with high-voltage test and measurement equipment, electrical and test engineers strive to achieve the most precise readings possible while also maintaining a safe work area. Typically, they employ external probes such as high-voltage dividers, but these instruments come with drawbacks and are prone to errors.