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Practical Engineering: Material Group Selection and How it Affects Spacings

Often overlooked during the development of appropriate spacings (creepage distances) for safety-certified products is the failure to account accurately for the material group of the components involved. This oversight can have significant implications. Let us briefly explore this issue to raise awareness among readers.

EMC Bench Notes: Troubleshooting with a Nearby Antenna

While many designers attempt to perform radiated emissions troubleshooting at an outdoor site or in a semi-anechoic chamber using a third-party test lab facility, I've found a much more efficient method is to perform this using a nearby antenna right on your own work bench.

Military and Aerospace EMC: Why and How We Use LISNs

Uncover the crucial role of LISNs - the unsung heroes ensuring reliable electromagnetic testing in aerospace. This insider look reveals their ingenious design and why standardization matters for replicable results.

Product Insights: Differential Probes

A differential probe is an active device used to take measurements of certain circuit elements of electronic devices. They are most often used in conjunction with an oscilloscope. Key features and applications of differential probes are summarized in this article.

Practical Engineering: Capacitor Safety Considerations

You know that feeling when a capacitor’s datasheet claims one thing, but NRTL’s online certification directory tells a different story? This blog is all about that - specifically a capacitor rated X1 and Y1, but the certification directory only showed X1. Moral of the story? Double check those certs early in the game to avoid delays.
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EMC Bench Notes: Troubleshooting with RF Current Probes

Ken Wyatt explores a more advanced troubleshooting tool for assessing radiated emission issues, the RF current probe. These are most useful for measuring RF common mode harmonic currents on cables.

Ham Radio? Is That Still A Thing?

"Ham radio still exists? With cell phones?" Well, let me tell you - this hobby is still thriving! Yeah, there's fun stuff like radiosport contests. But more importantly, it lets hams provide crucial emergency comms and advance radio tech when needed.

Military and Aerospace EMC: Portable Electronics Onboard Aircraft – Part 2

Committee SC-202, comprised of over 100 members from various industries, was formed to address safety concerns related to the use of transmitting portable electronic devices (T-PEDs) like those with cellular and wireless capabilities on an aircraft.

Product Insights: The 5-Hour Rule for Career Advancement and Overall Life Satisfaction

The 5-Hour Rule, a simple concept many successful people use, is a solution to making the time for honing and developing new skills.

Practical Engineering: Creepage Distance of an Optocoupler

This month's blog is pulled from the product safety playbook. It highlights a potential issue to avoid when considering an optocoupler's creepage distance when placed onto a printed circuit board (PCB).
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