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SelecTech, Inc. Expands Aerospace Division

SelecTech, Inc. recently announced the expansion of its aerospace division to better serve its airline, aerospace and defense customers. The new division will include specialized product offerings and additional personnel trained to serve aerospace customers.

New EMI Filter Dramatically Reduces Space and Weight

Spectrum Control has introduced a dual line common mode panel mount EMI filter that reduces space and weight by 50% compared to two single line filters. It delivers reliable EMI filtering of common mode noise from 30 kHz to 1 GHz and differential mode noise from 30 kHz to 10 MHz.

Empower RF Systems’ Newest GaN on SiC Amplifier

Empower RF Systems has announced their newest GaN on SiC amplifier, the model 2245. This liquid cooled amplifier delivers a minimum of 4100W CW from 2 to 4GHz with 5kW mid band performance. Reliability is a key feature and the result of its distributed RF architecture. With no single point of RF failure, the 2245 boasts extreme Effective Mean Time Before Failure (EMTBF).