Press Releases

Current-Compensated Ring Core Chokes

TDK Corporation offers a new series of current-compensated EPSOC double-ring core chokes for the suppression of common-mode interferences in switch-mode power supplies, converters, and domestic appliances.

Isolation Tester for Shielded Enclosures

Saelig has introduced its new JRE TVK isolation tester, designed to help verify the proper shielding isolation of radiofrequency (RF) enclosure test set-ups. The testing consists of a sensitive, handheld spectr... Read More...

EMI Prototype Shielding

Orbel has introduced its Groove-LocTM EMI shielding material for use in printed circuit board prototyping.

Waveguide Components

Fairview Microwave has launched its new line of double ridge waveguide components that are ideal for radar, wireless, and satellite communication devices, and for test instrumentation.