Reality Engineering

The Reality of Engineering a Symposium

As far as I can tell, the first Symposium was described on papyrus by Plato, ca. 400 BC. The first order of the day was to decide how the event would go. Socrates and Aristophanes were drinking together at Aga... Read More...
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Testing for 5G?

This issue of In Compliance magazine presents the annual ode to Test Equipment. In that vein, this month’s Reality Engineering shares a brief perspective on that topic. Early ESD Our very first piece of test ... Read More...
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Follow Your Nose

Olfactory nerves lie at the top of your nasal passages and their associated axons wind their way through holes in your skull to a spot just below the cerebellum. The business-end of these cells are covered with... Read More...
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Off In Space: A Visit to NASA Glenn and Plum Brook Test Facilities

The next couple of installments of Reality Engineering will carry a spacey theme, in recognition of the ongoing efforts of rocket scientists and engineers in our community. Testing and verification of space-borne systems are critically important, you don’t get “do-overs” in space shots (we found that out in an earlier post “The Ringing Rocket"). Here we visit some NASA facilities that proved out Apollo-era designs and are being maintained for the next phase of space engineering.
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A Wreck of an Airplane

The C-47 Skytrain banked sharply left and the runway came into view, a slash in the thick evergreens. Cresting the top of the ridge, the pilot pulled the power back on the twin engines and set the flaps at twen... Read More...

On Maxwell, The Natural Philosopher

James Clerk Maxwell was a man of prodigious and singular gifts, of insight, curiosity and determination. The equations, developed one hundred and fifty years ago, describe the link between the classical and qua... Read More...
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Al’s Notebook

I love fools’ experiments. I am always making them. To discover anything new, one has to be ready to be fooled, as sometimes the experiment fools the experimenter One, too, must be ready to be surprised and... Read More...
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Millibels in the Wind

Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. Radiometers are cool. Some are so cool they are cryogenically cool. They have to be really cool to do what they do. This is especia... Read More...