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Impact of Decoupling Capacitors and Trace Length on Radiated Emissions in a CMOS Inverter Circuit

This article evaluates the impact of decoupling capacitors and trace length on radiated emissions.

Difference Amplifier: Common Mode and Differential Mode Voltages

This column describes the operation of an ideal difference amplifier. It is shown that an ideal difference amplifier (with no resistance mismatches) eliminates the common mode portion of the input voltage and amplifies only the differential mode portion of the input voltage.

Challenges of CDM Modeling for High-Speed Interface Devices

The behavior of ultra-high-speed interfaces is complex, involving fast-rise time waveforms and on-die transient phenomena that cause device failure at lower CDM levels.

Using a Near-Field Probe to Troubleshoot Transient Failures

Solving EMI problems isn’t only about ensuring that a product can meet EMC regulations and standards (although it’s a significant part of the job). Another crucial reason for addressing EMI issues is to enhance product reliability, especially when a product operates in public or industrial areas where there are many different types of noise sources.

Banana Skins – February 2024 (#437-444)

A manufacturer of electrical test equipment took an order worth several million dollars for new product to be used worldwide to help service the vehicles manufactured by a major multinational.
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Impact of a Decoupling Capacitor and Trace Length on Signal Integrity in a CMOS Inverter Circuit

This article describes a laboratory experiment that shows the impact of the decoupling capacitors and a PCB trace length on the signal integrity in a CMOS inverter circuit.

Integrating Embedded ESD Detection, Part 3

This column outlines the steps to consider when embedding ESD detection capabilities into your system and overall design flow.

ANSI Z535.4 – Safety Labels in Focus

ANSI Z535.4 is a standard developed by ANSI that relates specifically to product safety signs and labels.

Correlation Between Insertion Loss and Input Impedance of EMC Filters, Part 3: Cascaded LC and CL Filters

This is the third article of a three-article series devoted to the correlation between the insertion loss and input impedance of passive EMC filters.

Implementing Embedded ESD Detection, Part 2

This column focuses on the practical aspects of implementing embedded ESD detection. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide, discuss validation and testing methodologies, present case studies, and delve into future trends and innovations in the field.
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