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Using Multiport Connectors in High-Frequency Military and Avionics Systems

Advance military and avionics technologies must be designed to address a range of complex specifications. The use of multiport connectors can provide significant benefits compared with conventional RF/microwave cable assemblies.

Evolution and Analysis of EMC Specifications at a Major Automotive OEM

The history and insight into how the EMC specifications and procedures evolved at one automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Other present-day OEM specifications are more similar than different mostly due to the extensive reference to international standards which these OEMs have taken part in developing (e.g., EMC committees). Knowing this history should help today’s EMC practitioners, especially those new to the discipline, gain some insight into the implementation and limitations of test procedures and when to be flexible in analyzing test results.

Power Savings for Cellular IoT Devices

This article offers details on some of the major power-saving measures for LTE-based CIoT implementations currently recommended by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Everything You Need to Know About EV Battery and BMS Testing in Validation and Production Scenarios

EV batteries and battery packs are complex systems, requiring a comprehensive design and testing strategy to help ensure safe and efficient electrical power.

FCC Proposes New Data Breach Reporting Requirements

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is preparing to strengthen rules applicable to the...
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Failures Caused by Ground Potential Rise (GPR) at Interconnected Houses

Much has been written about failures due to ground potential rise (GPR), generally in connection with single houses with multiple grounds. But in cases where multiple houses are interconnected via a single piece of equipment, equipment failures could be caused by insulation issues due to GPR attributable to lightning.

FCC Reaches Settlement with Close Captioning Provider

A company that provides telecommunications services for those who have hearing or speech disabilities...

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters are among the most important modules in an electric vehicle. In this article, we offer three recommendations to address design aspects of DC-DC converters that will make a huge difference in their EMC performance.

FCC Terminates China Telecom Americas U.S. Operations

After a nearly year-long deliberation, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revoked the...

Assessing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in Vehicles

As they become more commonplace in today’s motor vehicles, advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) require a unique set of testing procedures that include repeatability of the trigger mechanism in a safe, controlled environment to accurately measure their effectiveness.
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