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Everything You Need to Know About EV Battery and BMS Testing in Validation and Production Scenarios

EV batteries and battery packs are complex systems, requiring a comprehensive design and testing strategy to help ensure safe and efficient electrical power.

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters are among the most important modules in an electric vehicle. In this article, we offer three recommendations to address design aspects of DC-DC converters that will make a huge difference in their EMC performance.

Assessing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in Vehicles

As they become more commonplace in today’s motor vehicles, advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) require a unique set of testing procedures that include repeatability of the trigger mechanism in a safe, controlled environment to accurately measure their effectiveness.

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Modules

This article presents the EMC design techniques for electric vehicle powertrain modules. High voltage EMC regulations for powertrain modules are reviewed first to help understand associated design challenges. The design techniques are then demonstrated in detail to help engineers design a module that will pass the EMC requirements in the test chamber.

Applying ISO 26262 to Power Management in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Are you a new safety manager shopping power converters and wondering about the features listed under the functional safety section? Or are you a seasoned design and release engineer looking to start on a new ISO 26262 module? Either way, this article offers guidance in applying functional safety concepts to your next automotive design.
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FCC Overhauls 5.9 GHz Band for Wi-Fi and Auto Safety

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has redesignated a portion of the 5.9 GHz...

Defining Product Grounding in the Automotive EMC Test Plan

This article presents the importance of defining product case and load simulator grounding in an automotive EMC test plan.

Considerations for Second Life Assessment of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric vehicle batteries may have as much as 80% usable capacity when they are no longer suitable for powering motor vehicles. This article explores the post automotive options for these components, and discusses important considerations regarding their use.

Automotive Product Certifications for the Indian Market: An Overview

India has several mandatory product certifications that affect automotive products. Most relevant are the AIS certification for automotive components, the BIS certification for electronic products and the WPC registration for wireless products.

China Certification Authority CNCA Announces Important Changes to CCC Regulations

The latest announcement by Chinese Certification Authority CNCA has a significant impact on many automotive suppliers and car manufacturers. Several products were removed from the list of products that require compulsory product certification. Other products must now obtain a CCC Self-Declaration.
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