Theory and Principles

Ohm’s Law Also Applies to ESD‑Induced Heat Pulses

Heat flow analysis for semiconductor ESD situations can be approximated to one dimension, and then captured with a generalized Ohm’s Law using a complex impedance. Methods can include time-dependent electrothermal pulses and feedback due to self-heating, with solutions readily carried out on any desktop computer.
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Theory of Equipment Grounding Impedance

Values for grounding impedance appear in many standards, including UL 478 and 1244, CSA C22.2 No. 0.4, and IEC 601 and 950. Values vary from 0.1 ohm to 1 ohm. Everybody wants to know the derivation of the valu... Read More...
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Faraday’s Lines of Force and Maxwell’s Theory of the Electromagnetic Field

1408 F4 coverA note from the Editor: In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Maxwell’s Equations, we are honored to bring you a chapter from the book The Life of James Clerk Maxwell, the 1882 original biography of James Clerk Maxwell. This chapter, entitled “Faraday’s Lines of Force and Maxwell’s Theory of the Electromagnetic Field,” provides a unique insight to Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetic fields.