Resource articles covering basic electrical and compliance engineering concepts, theory and application, historical references, and general information.

How to Get The Resources You Need

This article explores a problem faced by all engineers and engineering managers: persuading your manager that you need a new item of test equipment, or you need to add something to a product that is not in its technical specification.

The CE Marking as your Products’ Passport for the European Market

The CE marking is also called a “product’s passport” for the markets within the European Economic Area (EU Member States plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) and in Turkey. It is the first indication that a product complies with the requirements under European Product Law.

A Guide to Medical Device Corrective Action and Preventative Action (CAPA)

Time and time again the one process that nearly always presents the most challenges to medical device companies, regardless of shape and size, is Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA). This article explores those challenges and provides the reader with best practices and ways to improve the CAPA process and approach.

Addressing the Global Threat of EMP Events

Maintaining the resilience of all critical infrastructure segments, including the electric grid, sensitive data centers and vital communication channels, has become a growing concern globally as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events continue to threaten society and the operation of business and life as we know it.

Electromagnetic Compliance: A View from the Field

This article will look at what causes harmful interference and how EMC regulations address them. It will examine three typical and largely encompassing cases that can be extrapolated to many other applications.

So You Want To Be a Consultant?

Ever contemplated becoming a consultant? Living free of the corporate bureaucracy? Collecting those big fees? Traveling the world? But how does one get started anyway?