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Now Is the Time for ESD Control Programs To Be Improved

“Factory ESD control is expected to play an ever-increasing critical role as the industry is flooded with even more HBM (Human Body Model) and CDM (Charged Device Model) sensitive designs.”

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the hidden enemy within your factory. You cannot feel or see most ESD events, but they can cause electronic components to fail or cause mysterious and annoying problems.

Conductors and “Conductive Paths” – What Is Really Happening (And why should anyone care?)

When people are asked what is the most commonly used component in electrical or electronic circuits, the typical answers are “Well, of course everyone knows its resistors”, or “It must be capacitors”, and even sometimes “Nothing operates without transistors”. In fact, none of those answers are correct; the real answer is that conductors are the most common type of component.

Lightning Induced Ground Potential Rise (GPR)

Select the most suitable waveforms for evaluating equipment resistibility to lightning damage when a GPR is either the suspected source of the damage, or its effects are to be tested for.