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Static Control

ESD Compliance in a Server Room

A careful review of empirical research, multiple ESD standards, and return on investment provides a strong case for evaluating the installation of ESD flooring in server rooms and data centers.

Understanding Footwear and Flooring in ESD Control

If you really want to know whether your footwear and flooring are working together, measure the resistance from the wearer via footwear and flooring to earth (ground).

Static Control Flooring in High Reliability Environments

High reliability organizations (HROs) typically implement stringent static control programs to mitigate the risks of catastrophic and/or life-threatening failures. This article describes some of the considerations to consider for static control flooring in these more demanding environments.

Caster Contact: The Achilles Heel of ESD Floors

A fully functional ESD floor prevents static generation and provides an effective path to ground for personnel and equipment. Many conductive and dissipative floors meet STM 7.1 resistance parameters in ANSI/ESD S20.20 but fail to provide adequate electrical contact for grounding equipment with conductive casters and drag chains.

Static Control Flooring – Conductive or Dissipative?

Let’s look at how a static control flooring system is intended to function. The flooring systems’ purpose is to provide an electrical path, typically to ground, for personnel when used in conjunction with static control footwear, for removal (equalization) of electrostatic charge.
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EOS/ESD Symposium for Factory Issues in Germany: Technology and Best Practice Sharing to Help Control Static!

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Arizona Polymer Flooring Launches StatRez™ Static Control Coatings to Protect Areas Requiring Static Dissipative and Conductive Flooring

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Charging by Walking

Associate Professor Neils Jonassen authored a bi-monthly static column that appeared in Compliance Engineering...
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