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Lightning Protection

Failures Caused by Ground Potential Rise (GPR) at Interconnected Houses

Much has been written about failures due to ground potential rise (GPR), generally in connection with single houses with multiple grounds. But in cases where multiple houses are interconnected via a single piece of equipment, equipment failures could be caused by insulation issues due to GPR attributable to lightning.

Incorporating Lightning Protection into VTOL and Hybrid Propulsion Vehicle Designs

In order to efficiently build a certifiable VTOL aircraft, lightning protection should be incorporated into the design from the beginning.

New Lightning Hazards to Consider for Aircraft Certification

The evolution of E and H fields on aircraft struck by lightning is a complex process. An October 2014 in-flight lightning strike is reviewed in this article as an example that inspires a fresh look at how lightning E and H fields should be considered for indirect effects certification.

Do Classical Calculations of Induction Due to Nearby Lightning Give Misleading Results?

Why the effects of nearby lightning might be over-estimated, or in some cases underestimated, and how to get more realistic estimates.

Effect of Multi-Burst Lightning Flashes on Surge Protective Devices Using MOVs

Why hasn’t multi-burst testing to simulate lightning been more widely done? And why hasn’t it made its way into standards?
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Designing Ethernet Cable Ports to Withstand Lightning Surges

Known mechanisms that couple lightning surges onto communication cables, and how these mechanisms apply for the specific case of Ethernet cabling.

Effects of Lightning on ICT Circuits: Induction and GCR

Generally the effect of lightning on an information and technology (ICT) loop that we worry about most is damage. Let’s consider an ICT loop that is probably the most exposed to the effects of lightning – one that runs between structures.

Times Microwave Systems announces its LP-STRH series of Times-Protect™ Lightning Protection Products for LTE and Public Safety RF Communication Networks

The new LP-STRH series is part of the Times-Protect® line of innovative RF lightning and surge...

Lightning Surge Damage to Ethernet and POTS Ports Connected to Inside Wiring

Editor’s Note:  The paper on which this article is based was originally presented at...

Times Microwave Systems adds the LP-GTV-T series of Lightning Protection Products for RF Communication Networks

Times Microwave Systems introduces the new Times-Protect® LP-GTV-T series of DC pass RF lightning...
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