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Product Insights

Product Insights: The 5-Hour Rule for Career Advancement and Overall Life Satisfaction

The 5-Hour Rule, a simple concept many successful people use, is a solution to making the time for honing and developing new skills.

Product Insights: The Most Important Skill to Develop as a Compliance Professional

There is one important skill to develop, over and above all others, that makes life much easier, sets you on a path toward success, and increases your status as a true compliance professional.

Product Insights: Antenna Factor

There are many properties of antennas used to describe their performance. The antenna factor is most useful to those performing electric field radiated emissions measurements.

Product Insights: Charged Device Model ESD Testing

This blog explains CDM ESD testing using the field-induced (FI) method, which is important for semiconductor manufacturers. It covers building a CDM-FI tester, waveform details and verification, and qualification nuances. 

Product Insights: Amplifier Operational Classes and Other Important RF Amplifier Specifications

To avoid costly errors in selection, invest the time upfront to gain a basic yet thorough grasp of key amplifier specifications and operating principles before identifying the optimal model for your application needs.
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What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to Know About: Working with EMC Test Labs

Choosing an EMC test lab to work with is one of the most important decisions any electronics design engineer or product developer has to make.

Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Shielding

Occasionally, we are asked to help develop shielding effective for near-field low-frequency (LF) magnetic fields, perhaps in a situation where some regulatory agency has imposed limits on LF magnetic field emissions of our product, and we are forced to comply.

Capacitor Technologies Used in Filtering

Although understanding each capacitor type and behavior is daunting and difficult to memorize, it is prudent that every aspiring engineer and technician involved in design for EMC at least have a rudimentary understanding of what capacitor technologies are available.

RF Absorption Loss of Shielding Materials

To determine a shielding material’s potential absorption loss capability, you must first know the frequency or frequencies of concern and, second, what shield materials you have available.

What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to Know About Oscilloscopes

From the entire pool of test equipment available at our disposal as electronics engineers and technicians, the most useful is undoubtedly the oscilloscope. 
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